Monday, July 6, 2009

Michael Jackson's "Ghost" Appears On CNN

Here's the rub: During a live CNN special some time last week called Inside Neverland the the camera picked up what appears to be a shadow floating through one of the rooms of the Crypt Keeper. . .uh, I mean Jackson's former home. Neither the reporter, the cameraman or the dozen or so people standing around just off camera noticed anything amiss at the time of the walk-through, and neither did Larry King's corpse. Apparently ghosts of past-their-prime entertainers only appear on the receiving end of the

Regardless of what it really is -- read: someone walking through the fucking room -- chat rooms and message boards were inundated with Jackson fans pissing themselves with glee at the idea that the King of Pop was still walking amongst them. You know, albeit a member of the undead.

Yeah, I shook my head and sighed as well. Stupidity truly is boundless.

Now, is anyone else surprised that this so-called "ghost" just happened to make an appearance while CNN was doing a live television special? You are? Well congratulations, your brain works better than the vast majority of Michael Jackson fans.

For those of you who still consider the above video to be evidence of Jackson Moonwalking from the afterlife I have only one thing to say: Take your fucking meds.

You silly, ridiculous douche bags.

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