Friday, July 3, 2009

Next Time Clean Your Room

Note to slutty skanks everywhere (MySpace sluts, I'm looking at you): Whenever you set out to take pictures of yourselves looking like whores please remember to clean your room. No guy is going to want to stick his dick in you when you can't even get off your ass and pick up a few stray items. Seriously, if your room looks like that one can only imagine what your twat looks like. A catcher's mit perhaps? And while you're at it make the bed. Idiots.


  1. I'm sure you would turn it down due to a messy room.

  2. Why, because she has fat milk sacks? Sorry, but I need something more than big tits to get me going. You know, like self-respect and a knack for cleanliness. But have at it if that's your thing.

  3. Maybe her hair is covering her face for a reason, ever think of that?