Thursday, October 15, 2009

9-Year-Old Hockey Player Turns Scoring Into Poetry In Motion

First let me tell you that yours truly played ice hockey for over 20 years and traveled all over the United States and Canada in the process. For two decades and change I whacked that little black fucker -- the puck, you racist prick -- around on numerous frozen slabs of water, and never once did I ever witness a kid that could do anything even remotely resembling this stellar display of badassery. Seriously, the closest I ever came to seeing something this cool was the time I was rooming with a team mate during a Pee-Wee AAA tournament in Buffalo and I walked in on his 19-year-old sister drying off after a shower.

I think the restraining order still stands.


  1. Its not "Ice Hockey". Its just fuckin HOCKEY. There is no other kind. It was invented on ice. If you want to play it on grass THEN you make the distinction....
    Krazy Kanuck

  2. And the word "Canuck" isn't spelled with a "K." Jackass.

  3. Says who? Someone who intentionally spells words incorrectly in order to seem "cool" and "unique?"

    Thanks for the clarification nonetheless. It's not like I played the game for two decades or anything, but if posting that comment makes you feel better then do your thing.