Monday, November 30, 2009

Just Because: 136 M.P.H In-Your-Face Superbike Crash

I'll be completely honest here and admit that my knowledge of motorcycles begins and ends with the fact that the vast majority of them feature two wheels, a throttle and brakes. I'll also admit that the speed in which this guy is purported to be going when he does his best bug-on-a-windshield imitation is about 136 em-pee-achis faster than anything I've ever planted my ass in that doesn't have doors and a seat-belt.

With that being said even I know that my man must have a silver horseshoe wedged up his shitter, because he walked away from this little mishap relatively unharmed.

His bike? It landed somewhere in Tupelo, Mississippi.

CORRECTION: I originally had this guy going a staggering 220 miles per hour when he bit the dust, which is pretty much impossible. What it should have read was 220 kilometers per hour, which I then converted. Call it a brain fart.


  1. What is the songs name

  2. this were never 220Mph (350 Km/h)

  3. The song is Angel by Massive Attack, and the other commenter is correct: This isn't 220 m.p.h; I meant to write 220 k.p.h. Thanks for the heads up.