Friday, July 10, 2009

Douche Bag's Love Train Tracks

Somewhere there's a farm where workers breed these fucking idiots, otherwise I have no other explanation as to why our world is filled with such stupidity.

Alcohol you say? I don't buy it. I, along with the vast majority of the population, have been absolutely, positively, without question fall down drunk on more than once occasion, and unless you share the same DNA with the above knucklehead I have to believe you've never once said to yourself "Hey, I bet laying down on some train tracks while a speeding death machine hurtles overhead would be awesome! And I'll catch it all on video!"

Too bad his friends didn't talk him into trying a few push-ups while down there; at least then the world would have one less dickhead infesting the gene pool. Sadly he has probably already procreated, so in a few short years we'll have Son of Dickhead -- or Dickhead III if this guy's father was of the penile persuasion -- to look forward to.

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