Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Douche Bag of the Year Gets His Own Parody

Guido Guy Wants to Fight (Parody) - Watch more Funny Videos
It's been a long Labor day weekend -- lots of beer, 6-foot bonfires and if you were lucky enough maybe even a sloppy drunk "friend of the family" willing to show you her new tattoo -- but I must insist that you turn your brain pans back on for a while in order to appreciate the sheer level of awesome about to cook the fuck out of your gray matter.

Remember this dickhead? Well you know you've made it big when your shit gets parodied so hard it wakes up two days later in a dank and musty basement and in dire need of a rape kit.

And just as an aside if anyone knows the chooch from the original video I'd love for you to show him this. Oh, and make sure you catch his reaction on camera.

I'm always in need of cannon fodder.

H/T to Eric for the video.


  1. lmfao! great vid and description!

  2. Dude, that was some funny shit. I hope the guy from the original sees this.

    "Jump, jump!"