Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oblivious Man Gets Plowed After Nasty Accident

I've heard conflicting stories regarding the fate of what has to be the most oblivious bastard on the face of the earth, ranging from he walked away relatively unscathed because the dent caused by the PT Cruiser left just enough room for the other vehicle to roll right over him to he got crushed like a grape under the weight of the rolling SUV. Let's all hope for the former.

If he did in fact escape with all limbs still attached -- or at the very least his fucking life -- after such a horrendous accident he would have been doing himself a huge favor in the future by walking with his head up and buying as many lottery tickets as his salary would allow.

Oh, and a change of undies.


  1. I'm pretty sure he lived, but not without a few bumps and bruises. Hellashish crash for sure.

  2. the title shold be " Oblivious Man gets pwned , dragged and made into street pizza"

  3. what the fuck has this to do with a douchebag? god damn about you son of a ...
    I'll hope you'll cross the street tomorrow and something similar will happen to you! God damn!!! Are you serious!?

  4. This guy above me is a fucking idiot.

  5. anons are always assholes