Friday, October 23, 2009

There's No Kissing In Boxing

The other day we took a look at what was undoubtedly the nastiest -- albeit in some folks' opinion totally justified -- sucker punch in the history of mixed martial arts, and today we have a similar incident courtesy of the boxing ring.

The fight you're about to see took place between Jesse Vargas and the aptly named Trenton Titsworth, and up until the moment in question things were moving along right smartly.

At first Vargas doesn't realize what just happened to him, but when he does he plants a kiss of his own on Titsworth's cheek that nearly knocks his sinuses through his ear hole, which in turn leads to one of the greatest moments in the history of color commentary.

Hell, even the ref understands that you just don't kiss your opponent, whether in boxing or during a fucking match of beer pong. Luckily for Titsworth -- word of the day right there -- all he received was a shot to the mush and a 2-point deduction. If he pulled that shit anywhere else things might not have gone as well for him.

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  1. The kiss is messed up, but the commentary is freakin hillarious.