Friday, March 19, 2010

Eye Candy: Some Stephanie Seymour Nip-Tastic Bikini Shots

Sure, Stephanie Seymour's ass looks like someone went at it with a fucking meat tenderizer, but show me one man out there who wouldn't drop trou and plug away at it if given the chance and I'll show you a man that actually enjoys watching Sex and the City.

And if you need me to explain myself then you're probably that man.

stephanie_seymour_see_through_1.jpg (1.5 MB) stephanie_seymour_see_through_2.jpg (1.3 MB) stephanie_seymour_see_through_3.jpg (1.7 MB) stephanie_seymour_see_through_4.jpg (1.1 MB) stephanie_seymour_see_through_5.jpg (713 KB) stephanie_seymour_see_through_6.jpg (521 KB) stephanie_seymour_see_through_7.jpg (379 KB) stephanie_seymour_see_through_8.jpg (280 KB) stephanie_seymour_see_through_9.jpg (266 KB) stephanie_seymour_see_through_10.jpg (292 KB)

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