Saturday, June 12, 2010

Stanley Cup Parade Turns Into Grand Theft Auto

First and foremost let me just preface this by saying I live in Michigan and am a fervent Red Wings fan, so fuck Chicago. Seriously, right in their collective asses. You better live it up now, because you have another four decades or so to wait for another one.

With that being said what you're looking at above is the Stanley Cup parade all the bandwagon jumpers skipped work to attend. It's all party-hardy and revelry until the boys in blue decide policing drunk and disorderly Chicagoans just isn't enough fun and take to mowing them down on All Terrain Vehicles. The kicker? In all the excitement one overzealous oinker plows into one of his own.

Man -- or in this case woman -- down. What a fucking idiot.


  1. Mark from WindsorJune 12, 2010 at 3:01 PM

    At least they didn't have the most corrupt mayor at their parade saying "The beer's on me, go Wed Wings."

    This is such a nonstory it's not even funny. In the words of Rich Rod, Get a life.

  2. "Get a life?" What is this, 1980?

    Fuck Chicago, fuck Mark From Windsor, and fuck anyone who doesn't like it.

    Bandwagon jumpers is dead on by the way.

  3. You Red Wing fans are hilarious, lol.. Fucken tools..

  4. Tools? This coming from a "fan" of a team who's only previous claim to fame was having a douche bag kid as one of their stars beat up a fucking cab driver.

    You Chicago folk are fags.

  5. Don't worry Chicago, after this summer you can all go back to being broke down Detroit wannabes. You dickheads can't even get an original color for your jerseys.

  6. Listen, I'm from Chicago and even I can say without embarrassment that we got lucky.

  7. Anyone from Chicago who doesn't believe they had a silver horseshoe wedged up their ass this Stanley Cup run is living in a dream world. It'll never happen again.

  8. Atleast they have jobs to skip... ouch. too close to home for you Detroit fans?

  9. The hawks will have the same core of young star players and will continue to contend for years. Im not saying they will win every year, but they are in a good position to do so. I just think its funny how classless red wings fans are and how they cant have a mature conversation.

  10. To the dumb shit above me:

    To make that sort of broad generalization is not only asinine but shows the depths to which your ignorance has sunk.

    You, and every other mush-mouthed Chicago "fan," are the very reason the sport of hockey plays second fiddle in the US to sports like soccer.

  11. 1. it was a joke and a funny one at that.
    2. I was just firing back at the author of the article for saying "mush mouthed" things (by the way who says mush mouthed?)
    3. I also like soccer (we got lucky today)
    4. Those cops were retarded and i hope they get disciplined. By the way there were no crimes committed and the only injuries were dehydration.

  12. haha, Chicago got lucky? They destroyed teams left and right. Some series were closer than expected because of poor goaltending. Best team in the league won the Cup this year, sorry to say it.