Monday, September 21, 2009

The Most Tasteless Tattoo In the History of America

Unless you've been living under a rock -- or possibly in a cave, which isn't a stretch considering the domestic tendencies of the shitbags that perpetrated the atrocity in the first place -- for the past eight years then you'll immediately get why the owner of this tattoo should have his balls surgically removed from their sack and implanted onto his face.

If you don't get why this tattoo runs the gamut from tasteless to crude to downright crass then you're an idiot that has no business being allowed to use the Internet in the first place.

Go play in traffic or something.


  1. Stupidest fucking tattoo i've ever seen. The guy who did it should have his balls nailed to the wall too.

    I hope that guy goes into a bar and gets fucking lynched for having that on his body.

  2. Yeah...I'm more annoyed at the artist that was willing to DO the tat, than I am at the idiot who had the idea.

  3. It's a fucked up situation all the way around. The artist -- and a shitty one at that -- should be ashamed of himself just as much as the jackass that put that on his leg.

    And I'm assuming he put it there so he can hide it. Not exactly the hallmark of a true tattoo aficionado.

  4. this is the funniest shit on your blog :D