Monday, November 30, 2009

Idiot, Meet Centrifugal Force

Back in the day I worked at a Sears outlet, and one of my responsibilities was loading and unloading the plethora of shit that came off the various delivery trucks every day. Sometimes it was cases of chips and other goodies for the vending machines, and other times it was stacked washers and dryers and whatever other appliances Sears sells in their never-ending effort to make having arms seem more and more obsolete.

Anyway, one of the things I got to operate was an electric pallet jack -- as well as a power clamp, which if not used correctly could turn a glass-top range into so much shards of glass and metal, but that's another story -- and the first thing I learned was to never attempt what this jackass in the video does. The prospect of doing great bodily harm to yourself and others aside, any time you try to do something this dumb the eventual decision is always going to fall in favor of Darwin, and as we all know Darwin is not one to fuck with.

Thankfully though dude in the video suffers from a serious case of Dumbassitis -- laughing at other people's pain and stupidity is a passion of mine -- although I have to say that if he was driving a hi-lo and tried that kind of dumb shit this video would be better suited for a Faces of Death compilation.

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