Friday, November 27, 2009

Twilight Douche Bags Receive Surprise "Intervention"

I'm usually not one to poke fun at other people's taste in movies -- I thought Mean Girls as a film was a fucking riot, but I have to admit that a pre-coke whorish Lindsay Lohan prancing around in titty-hugging duds upped the enjoyment exponentially -- but the constant overabundance of Twilight hullabaloo is enough to make even the most ardent vampire lover take to wearing garlic around their neck.

Except these goofballs.

Watch in amazement as they initially shame themselves over what they think is a free screening of New Moon and then point and laugh when it turns out to be anything but. My personal favorite is when little Ms. Monday -- she's the one who initially thought the beginning of her week was going to be "typical" and "horrible" -- demands to speak to the person responsible for renting the movie theater to screen the film that one reviewer said was "cheesy, poorly focused and features borderline awful dialogue and performances."

Suck it up honey and take it like an adult. It's not like you paid at the door to be made to look like a fucking fool. You willingly did that all by yourself and didn't have to spend a dime. And you did it in front of a camera no less.

Vamps have nothing on that bite in the ass.


  1. Just fantastic... thank you so much!

  2. u r gayyyy and so is this

  3. "u r gayyyy. . ."

    From your use of letters instead of words alone it's easy to deduce you're one of the people the maker of this video calls out in the end. It's OK though; no one's judging.

  4. Haha I love this!

  5. HAHAHAHA That was the funniest thing ive ever saw. priceless!.It could only have been topped if you sprayed down the audience with a holy water fire hose at the end.....