Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It Doesn't Get Much More Douche-Tastic Than This

If you look up "douche bag" in the dictionary you'll invariably see an image of this choad stroking jackass -- or a variation of the same -- glaring back at you. From the ridiculous tattoos to the hat cocked haphazardly on his melon of a head to the tighty whitey-exposing way he wears his pants everything this dickhead has going for him looks like it was taken from Carrot Top's Guide On How to Make People Point and Laugh.

If you resemble this goof in any way I invite you to put on a blindfold and go play in rush-hour traffic because you're a fucking idiot and you're using up valuable oxygen. Seriously, make it happen post haste.


  1. man douching it up that much would take serious effort!

  2. Hey man, I like the blog. I'm pretty sure that that eagle is the Nazi eagle too. That just takes the douchetasticness to a whole nother level!