Friday, March 19, 2010

They the Realist

Want to know what the really sad part is? It's that these three knuckle-dragging skims probably score more trim than Home-fucking-Depot. Not because they're actually "pimp" or "dope" or whatever other ridiculous adjective they bandy about amongst each other, but because when women are in their presence they're so stupefied by what they're seeing that their brains automatically shut down to help preserve some level of sanity and the three pocket pirates above are allowed to simply have their way with them.

Granted, the experience usually only lasts a paltry 1-to-3 minutes, but as they say in the Navy: It only takes a few small drops of oil to contaminate an entire ship's fresh water supply. Or some shit like that. The point is the depths to which the above douchebaggery reaches is unfathomable.

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