Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You'll Get Better Results With Multiple Reps Guys

I've never been much of a fitness goon -- my idea of exercise is trying to keep up with my girlfriend while she shops for the best bargains at the mall -- but I'm pretty sure you're supposed to bang out multiple reps for the most promising results boys and girls.

Then again maybe this is some kind of new shit these two dreamed up. Maybe this is something so fucking cool we don't even know it yet. They could be filming the newest sensation in workout videos and we could all be sitting here laughing our asses off at a couple of millionaires in the making. Seriously, this shit could be workout gold. You know, do one sit-up, crash to the floor and see who expends the most energy -- not to mention burns the most calories -- getting back to their feet.

Package it, slap a stupid name on it and start selling it to all the fat housewives that actually fork over their rich husbands' money for those ridiculous workout videos in the first place. Seriously, if you told them it would help them lose that humongous shitter of theirs they'd eat chalk.

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