Sunday, August 9, 2009

Content Stealing Douche Bag

Take a look at the picture above. Notice anything weird? Give it a minute, it'll come to you. See it? That's right boys and girls, the piece of shit that runs Unique Scoop took it upon himself to flat out steal 20 Signs You're a Big, Flapping Douche Bag from yours truly word for word and image for image. Go ahead and have a look for yourself.

Now I don't know who runs that bullshit site -- which is literally filled with stolen content from other, more creative web sites like mine and -- but whoever it is deserves to be beaten about the head and face with a nail-studded baseball bat. Seriously, there's nothing worse than an unoriginal mouth breather who pilfers other sites because he's too fucking stupid to come up with ideas of his own.

Now normally I wouldn't give a shit one way or the other -- I'm a true believer in imitation being the sincerest form of flattery -- but the dickhead didn't even give me credit for the content he stole. He simply came here, copied and pasted the entire fucking post and slapped it up on his site. And as further proof he's a thieving sack of monkey spunk he has taken the bitch route a mile further by moderating every single comment that gets posted. What's the matter choad, afraid someone would out you?

Too late fuck hole.

Edit: If anyone knows who this slimy bastard is do me a favor and let me know. I'd love to publicly destroy the little turd.


  1. Ha! That fucktard removed the post on his site.

  2. I saw that. He probably got bombarded with comments calling him a thieving piece of shit. He apparently didn't think anyone was going to notice he stole my entire post.