Wednesday, January 6, 2010

High School Kids' Choice In Attire Is Blatant Slap In the Face

This tasteless bit of 9/11 nonsense has landed 9 juniors from Edsel Ford High School in Dearborn, Michigan on the principal's shit list. Ironically this is the same high school yours truly graduated from. Go figure. From Fox News:

At least nine Detroit area high school juniors are in trouble for wearing sweat shirts bearing a design that evokes the terrorist attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center's Twin Towers.

Dearborn Public Schools spokesman David Mustonen has told The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press that the shirts the boys wore to Edsel Ford High School on Monday are "offensive" and in "poor taste."

The boys are Arab-American, as are about half the school's 1,700 students.

They belong to the 2011 class. On the shirts, the number 11 resembles two buildings, with the school's "Thunderbird" mascot flying toward them. Printed beneath the image are the words, "You can't bring us down."

The boys are to meet with school officials but suspensions are not planned.

Now I don't know how things are these days, but when I was walking the halls of that high school the vast majority -- much more than the reported 1,700 students -- were of the Arab persuasion. Most of them were also straight off the boat and could speak very little English, and what English they could speak was usually insults and other derogatory terms.

They held a strong disdain for the United States and for Michigan in particular, but that didn't stop them from exploiting our laws and taking advantage of our educational system.

And I know what some of you are thinking. You're thinking "what's so bad about a sweater like that? In reality they're paying homage to the thousands that died that day while touting the strength and stability of their high school."

To which I respond: That's bullshit. They are clearly -- and immaturely I might add -- attempting to cause a stir by wearing something they know will get a reaction from people. They don't give a shit about what happened in New York any more than they give a shit about the gobs of money spent every year keeping their families fed and sheltered.

Fuck 'em in the ear I say, and the next time any of them pull some ridiculous shit like this promptly show them the door.

To the school is a start; to the country they so openly disparage would be better.


  1. Im a 7th grader from Smith and I think the sweaters are supporting the cause. It says cant take us down that is pro american

  2. I have to agree with Paul Benvin, as I know what he is saying. Some of them are ok and are pro american, but then you have the better half of them that think they own us, or we owe them a life here. Each deserves a better life, but if your going to live in America, live and speak by our system. Our grandparents came over from Europe, and you didn't hear them crabbing about their rights and fighting the system. They were grateful to be here and love the life given to them.
    Gail G. (U know who)