Sunday, January 17, 2010

An Early Candidate For Douche Bag of the Year

Look kid, I'm pretty sure even God thinks you're a fucking choad, so next time you feel compelled to post a video of yourself railing against whatever perceived injustices your kind have been subjected to here's some advice: Stick to things like not enough chocolate in your milk or too many tits in your favorite style of porn. Otherwise do yourself a favor and. . .

Wait, do you own a gun?


  1. lol! he thinks he's people.....of course gingers don't have souls.

    "I'm proud of my freckles"
    I wouldn't be proud if it looked like I sneezed into a milo tin

  2. Well you are a fat ginger.
    And now you are a fat whiney ginger.

  3. P.S. Take that fucking piercing out of your tounge, or if you prefer to lesp like a fag, keep it.

  4. Wow this kid is some kind of dumb ass. Why exactly is ginger such a derogatory word anyway? Does it have something to do with his nut hair?